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Immersion in critical B2B-stakeholder realities

How can an international logistics giant understand the shipping process from their customers’ point of view and alleviate the most critical pain points?

Our client, a major player in global logistics needed to deepen the shipping journeys of six global personas and prioritize their needs, so strategy, product management, and digital development teams could focus their efforts.

  • Conducted in-context research with shippers and receivers on four continents, immersing in their realities to understand decision-making patterns
  • Developed unique stakeholder profiles and journey maps for stereotypical shippers and recipients of packages
  • Developed an empathy toolkit to be used together with the journeys internally. This included various podcasts and exercises
  • Identified key pain points and prioritized them based on their perceived relevance

We rolled out our journey maps and the empathy toolkit to 120 internal stakeholders through a series of workshops. These tools are currently used as a critical part of the solution development process.

By observing the stakeholders in-context, we were able to experience first-hand some of the key moments in their shipping process. This helped us develop stakeholder journey maps that are centred around key friction points along their journey.
Customer Journey Maps: Each step in the process, and every identified pain point along the journey, was mapped for each persona.

IndustryLogisticsYear2019KeywordsB2B, Critical Stakeholders, In-person Immersions, Experience Mapping