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Improve stakeholder experiences through Reality Immersion and Coaching

Today, customers expect simple, high-value experiences in all aspects of their life. So, how can brands improve the customer centricity of their teams and help them connect directly to these needs and realities?


As a result of increased competitive pressure, a German multinational approached us to develop a fully remote program that would help their teams empathize with stakeholders’ realities and implement real improvements to their experience in just a few months.

  • We conducted research sprints to identify key needs and expectations of installers and end-customers and captured video snippets to expose employees to them
  • We facilitated a series of fully remote customer journey workshops to build empathy and identify improvement areas and new value propositionsWe developed an online coaching program to support cross-departmental teams during the implementation of those ideas

By exposing employees directly to their customers’ pains and realities, we helped to create moments of critical reflection and helped client teams to identify over 100 innovation ideas. They are now working on implementing the most promising ones.

Impression from a remote interview conducted in Spain with an end-user. These recordings were captured and edited to expose teams directly to client voices.
Selection of tools provided as part of the coaching program – these tools are used during our coaching sessions but can also be useful for teams in their daily work.
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