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New product ideas from major mobility trends

Many corporates have some kind of trend anticipation structure but few of them create usable results. So, how can an established player in the mobility space identify new market opportunities based on real customer problems to solve?

Our client wanted to identify a new approach to defining the priorities of its innovation lab team to be able to identify new market opportunities and avoid me-too-innovation.

  • We helped the team identify fundamental shifts in the mobility ecosystem and their implications for different actors
  • We then transformed those into key problems to solve for each actor
  • By adding new mobility solutions and technological enablers to the picture, we were able to identify unsolved problems
  • In the end, we framed them as new value propositions and prioritised them based on a strategic and competitive analysis

We identified 60 opportunity areas, of which we developed 8 into value propositions and created a methodology blueprint to help our client repeat the exercise across different innovation challenges.

We created an innovation landscape framework designed to help the client’s innovation team deduct specific problems to solve for clients, employees and business partners.
The new value propositions developed during the workshop were shared with the company’s top management and priorotized as to their feasibility and potential.
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