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Navigating complexity in climate change

How can we best support grass-roots NGOs in the development of local solutions to help Africa prepare for climate change?


The African Climate Foundation (ACF) is a regranting organisation focused on finding local answers to the tremendous challenges that Africa is facing due to climate change. They asked us to help them identify who to partner with and how to engage possible partners.

  • We ran a quantitative study of partner needs, relationships and challenges to support decision-making and identify new, effective ways to collaborate with partners 
  • These insights were the basis to build an interactive visualisation tool that helps to unpack systemic complexities and facilitates perspective-taking and strategic thinking
  • We ran qualitative interviews to identify needs and aspirations of actors in the African climate-development nexus

By taking a multi-perspective approach, we helped ACF to prioritise the funding and support strategy that is most likely to empower the NGOs and grass-roots movements most likely to create sustainable change.

Our interactive visualisation tool helps to analyse topics from multiple perspectives and connects quantitative research data with the systemic complexity at hand
To assess the needs and priorities of different types of organisations in the African Climate Nexus, we developed a simple and easy-to-use Online Survey. In essence, the inquiry was designed to classify organisations into four critical groups – Donors, Implementers, Coordinators and Influencers.
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