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Accelerating the Future of Insurance

The inclusion of children with disabilities into a regular school environment is proven to have positive effects for everyone involved. But changing education systems that were built on separation involves various challenges that are deeply rooted in human behavior and belief systems. So, how might we unlock this complexity and identify the most effective levers for change?
In a project involving two Teacher Education Universities, we used video ethnography and systems mapping to bring the realities and decision-making of critical stakeholders to life and to inspire mutual learning for more effective systemic interventions.

Now in its third edition, the Zurich Innovation Championship seeks to implement tangible innovation from the company’s relationships with high-potential startups from across the globe. We were asked to support the teams consisting in startup and business unit representatives in developing solutions that are desirable to future users, feasible for Zurich to implement and represent a viable business opportunity.

  • We supporte Zurich’s Global Innovation team in with the development of different tools and exercises to help focus the teams’ efforts on what matters most – creating real value for Zurich’s customers.
  • In a highly customized approach, we worked directly with the 12 different initiatives to help them align on the human problem they plan to solve together, what that future experience would look like and how to make it happen.
  • We supported some of those teams to conduct unbiased customer interviews to understand critical needs and helped them design rapid validation experiments to gather credible proof points that their ideas will actually work once they hit the market.

The third edition of the Zurich Innovation Championship was a great success, triggering positive reviews not just from Zurich’s top management but throughout the Insurance industry. The initiatives that were identified as having the biggest potential through the course of the accelerator phase are now on their path toward commercialisation.

Some of the winning teams of the 2022 edition during the accelerator weeks in Zurich where we worked hands-on with them for 2 weeks to finalise their narratives and proof-points.
The winning startups from the last edition of the Zurich Innovation Championship


We worked with mindflip during the 3rd edition of the Zurich Innovation Championship.  Yannick helped to define the approach to validation the desireability and feasibility and engaged directly with various of the business units in the it problem definition and testing approaches.
I enjoyed enormously working with Yannick and the feedbacks from start ups and business unit leaders alike was universally positive. I found the approach to be flexible and fast and was impressed by how yannick tailored the engagement dipping into well understood methodologies in his toolkit to achieve the outcome we needed. Having worked with many many consultants in this area I hold mindflip in the highest regard because of the tailored and expeditious approach complemented by perfect communication.

Antony Elliott
Head of Global Digital R&D and Co-Lead of the Innovation Championship @ Zurich Insurance

Mindflip’s questions, insights, and suggestions really helped us move forward with greater confidence and proof points. ​

David Edsey
Climate Director @ Zurich North America​

Mindflip has helped us simplify our value proposition and design experiments to conclusively test the desirability of our solution.

Matt Stein
Founder & CEO @ Salient Predictions

The title image was copied from Zurich’s public Information page about the Innovation Championship. Source:

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